What Would Be A Dream Job For Me?

What Is Your Dream Job?

I remember writing a similar post sometime last year. And I think that I would love to have that if possible. I would also like to have other types of jobs like getting paid – well – for watching movies and tv shows and writing about them and giving my 2 cents and review on them. Anything that I can enjoy as much as I do these things will be awesome.

Music too. I love the music that I have in my collection and similar types of music. How about football as well? Scifi! These are all things that I really enjoy watching and experiencing and I would just love to immerse myself in them wholly not just for pleasure (and to probably keep myself sane) but to also make a lot of money. That would be so awesome.

In actuality anything that keeps me working from home on a permanent basis is the dream. I would like to get a job that lets me stay at home, send me a work laptop so I can set things up at home (I wouldn’t want to use my personal laptop for a company or business that I do not own) and then leave me be.

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