When Do You Unplug?

Sometimes, we all need a break from these little glowing boxes. How do you know when it’s time to unplug? What do you do to make it happen?

It’s hard to unplug. At home I get antsy if I am away from my computer for a few hours at a stretch. Like if I am watching tv, movies or some sports events. I must always be connected to my system – atleast Facebook & Twitter. It causes me anxiety attacks to be away from my system. Again when there is a power outage (happens often in my part of the world) – I use a laptop but my modem won’t work without power!

I can go out for hours and not have an issue with not being connected. Currently I don’t use an internet plan on my cell phone (since May) and hence have to wait until I get home to Tweet, post on Facebook, share a photo or even do a blog post if I so choose to. I take photos but have to wait until I get back home and switch on my laptop to share it. Funny thing is, since May, I usually get more ideas to Tweet or post on Facebook or for a blog post than when I had internet on my mobile phone! Typical me!

So now that I have told you that –  however we do need some time away from the little glowing boxes and unplug for a while. It has been a while since I unplugged for more than a few hours. The couple of days I was at the hospital due to my dad being admitted back in the end of June I was barely online just a couple of hours checking mail ad informing others when I’d come home to change. Other than that for the past year or so I haven’t been offline for more than a few hours a day during the days that I go out or when I sleep. But it is important to unplug for a day or two once in a while. Some people do it for a week or two – how the hell do they survive, I have no clue! But yeah, once in a while – unplug! And chill.

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