When In Doubt…..Chicken Out!

I used to live in Thrikkakara near the famous temple, which is about 500 meters away. Living in that area, Kalamasserry South is also a place I used to frequent and about 2 minutes away from the University arch is a house build a top a slight cliff.

On the side of the house is an area which the owners had obviously been meaning to put to good use and make a profit out of it. While I was a teen, I noticed that they had a small computer course teaching center. Nothing fancy – just your basic Ms Office, Windows, Tally etc. They did a few students from the colleges nearby as well as the university. But not enough to last them a while.

For some time after that it became a storage space for a local company. That went on for a few years. A couple of years back  I saw that they had refurnished the place and painted it (a shocking pinkish red) and it had become a local CPIM office! Renting your land to a political party may not be a good idea but there it was, with a huge banner above it! But here comes the clincher!

A few days ago, as I was passing the area, I saw that yet again the owners had changed ventures and decided to go with a safer option. It has now become….wait for it…….no rush….wait for it…… A Chicken Hut! Yes, get your fresh chicken fry, chicken roast, chicken curry and enjoy good fingerlicking grub! And, according to a person I know who lives in the area, they are doing well! :)

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