When Is It Ok To Cheat?

Hmmm. I would say that usually it is not ok to cheat. Like if it is a competition or work or whatever. Cheating is never good. I do understand that sometimes, in order for the greater good, the rules have to be bent to see the right thing done. As to how much bending is the question.

What would you do if a family, a community or homeless kids depended on you winning a competition / prize money for their survival? An orphanage could be lost, a community led sports center or a playground. And the opponent are mean, heartless, bastards who treat everyone else really badly. And no one likes them. So would you cheat just a little bit to give yourself the edge (I’m going into sappy, corny Hollywood rom-com movie territory here fellas)?

Would ya? Would ya? I think the circumstances will dictate it and even though I wouldn’t condone it, I would understand it. Hell I might even help you cheat!

2 thoughts on “When Is It Ok To Cheat?

  1. Under the right circumstances I am OK with lying and cheating. I lied straight to a magistrate’s face when a friend of mine got divorced. I wanted to make sure she got the money she was entitled to. I was actually shocked by how well I lied. I think that deep down I have a criminal mind.

  2. Wow that is something. But you wanted to make sure that your friend, who was deserving, got what she needed to get. We think alike. And I have a criminal mind too.

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