Where Do You blog? Share Your Space.

This is the place where from 2007 onwards I have been maintaining this blog and writing the vast majority of my blog posts. And before that for a few months on my old blogspot blog as well. This small table is what I bought back in 2006 just after I bought my assembled desktop pc. In 2010 as my system had many issues, I bought my first laptop which was a Lenovo and then in 2015 I bought a Dell and in 2019 I bought this laptop that you see here which is my current work horse HP.

However for the last 2.5 years or more I have not been using this as my space to blog. Since I have a large desktop from work, and the table is small, I use my laptop kept on a laptop stand on my bed and I use that to blog on and ofcourse play music, watch YT videos and Facebook etc. Someday I will get my former blogging space back and be able to keep my laptop on the table. Until then, ma cherie!

Prompt from 31 Blog Post Ideas for October at A Grande Life

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