Where To Spend A Quiet New Years Eve

I can’t remember exactly how I used to spend New Year’s eve as a kid – I do know that when we lived in Kuwait, our building would have parties organized on the roof top terrace and everyone had fun and games. Once we came back to India back in 1987 I can’t remember much happening unless we cousins would get together in our ancestral home in Mattancherry for the winter holidays. We usually would go for some ice cream or maybe even a movie in the afternoon and get burgers & fries or something like that for dinner. And we would sit together in the top floor of the house and spend the night listening to music.

Once my teenage years ended I think a few years we usually spent at home watching tv. Money was also tight during those years hence it was usually quite dinners at home, maybe some cake or ice cream and watching a blockbuster movie (I remember one year, 1998 or 1999) I was watching Titanic with my mom & my sister’s mother-in-law). 2003 I remember I had applied for a new job as I had enough of my then current job and in the afternoon I went to small bar and had some food and a few drinks and was really sad about my life. As I was about to leave, I got a call from the HR of the new employers informing me that I was selected and could join in 1 week.

My next really happy & wonderful New Year’s eve was back in 2006 which I have blogged about on the first day of setting up this blog. It was a fun night with my cousins, parents, uncles & aunts and we had good food and lots to drink. The same was true the next year as well. I spent a couple of New Year’s eve drinking at bars with friends but mostly I have preferred to be at home as I have grown older. I order food for myself, dad & mom and sometimes my sister & her family might join as well. I listen to music, watch a movie perhaps and have a nice quiet nice in. That is the same for this year as well.

Happy New Year!

Prompt from New Year Post Ideas for Bloggers! at QueenBeeBloggers.com

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