Who Would You Choose To Be?

If you could wake up tomorrow as any other human being in the world, which person would you choose to be and why? I don’t want to be anyone else but myself. I just want to be a different kind of me.

I want to have made the right choices back when I was much younger and avoided the messes I made and thereby save myself a lot of grief. I wish I were wiser and not made all those emotional choices back when I was 15-16-17. Oh how much better life would have been if I only been smarter back then! I would have been more focused and hence made sure that I took care of a lot of other things in order for my life to have progressed to where I want it to be.

I would be living in my own place, having things setup the way I want it too. It doesn’t have to bee too posh or big and expensive – but just having everything as mine would be great. A little place of my own. I would be married and the wife and I would be raising our own pets – dogs, cats, and some birds. Our little family has lots of love for our furry & feathered friends. We’d be financially a whole lot more secure and hence that aspect would be a lot less worrying. I’d be really high up the chain job wise and looking forward to starting some project of my own. I don’t want too much wealth or fame or the high life. What I have as ideal in my mind is much simpler. So yeah if I could wake up tomorrow and be any other person, I’d want to be me – the me I should have been! Cause I deserve to be him.

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