Who You’re Gonna Call? I Don’t Believe In No Ghost

Ghosts. Do you believe in them?

No. I might watch a lot of horror movies and movies with ghosts in them but do I believe that there are real ghosts? No. I haven’t seen any proof and since it hasn’t been proved (yet) and it seems very unlikely to me, I don’t believe that they are real. However I love movies with ghosts and ghosts stories a lot.

As a child I did get scared quite a lot at the movies and even at times when Iet my imagination get the better of me. Ofcourse the power of suggestion, an impressionable young mind and and active imagination combined to make me scared for no reasons other than a power cut or a shape in the distance, which turns out to be shirts on a clothes stand, etc etc. Once an older cousin tried to scare me about ghosts and stuff by repeating “Friday! Friday!” on a Friday the 13th night. I hadn’t actually watched the movies yet as I was just 9 or 10 but got scared and a few minutes later the power went out and now my cousin too got scared.

I’ve had such incidents, just a handful, when I was a kid and each time it was something silly. We need to get past these superstitious stuff; if there is proof that there are such things as ghosts we will all get to know it and then we can all agree that these do exist.

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