Will There Ever Be World Peace?

Will there ever be world peace? Explain.

I’m not sure on the answer. Certainly doesn’t look like it at this moment. At the rate we are going, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we end up in another World War within the next 5-10 years. And the results will probably be catastrophic.

However, I do believe that the immature human race will probably have to hit rock bottom before waking up en mass and realizing that they are just on the path to annihilating themselves to oblivion. That’s how my favourite fictional universe says it will happen. I believe that we will probably have one or two more global wars that will see a lot of death & destruction and possibly with a huge chuck of the population wiped out and perhaps even a whole country or two! And in the aftermath the human race will wake up. The horror & shock of seeing the damage caused will awaken the senses of humanity and finally the first steps towards finding a permanent solution will take place.

Perhaps a new global order will have to set in. Once the damages are cleaned up and the healing can begin, how do we ensure that this sort of thing doesn’t happen again? The safety, security and well being of every individual will have to be top priority. Religious differences, border disputes, monetary affairs – all these will have to be set aside and chucked away. The focus will have to be shelter, proper food & water, healthcare, education – those kind of things. Proper housing for everyone. Then we can think of world peace; it will come naturally. And maybe we can concentrate on enhancing the human race, finding new materials, learning new things, exploring space as a race, seeing what’s out there.

Damn it, I am so in a Star Trek world! Yes, that is the dream. We need to be united as one. World peace is not impossible but highly improbable now. It will take a lot, with everyone contributing to make it happen and we’re no where near that level of maturity yet.

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