Won’t You Come To My Funeral?

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“If you knew when you were going to die and you had to plan your own funeral, what type of flowers would you choose? What songs would you choose?”

I’ve thought about this many, many times. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to plan your funeral to go exactly as you want to? The only thing cooler would be to actually attend it! Be a fly on the wall and listen & watch to what people are saying and doing. Being a staunch atheist I will not allow any of the usual religious nonsense to dictate how my funeral should be. I belong to a Hindu Nair-Menon family from Kerala but neither the NSS nor any temple priests will be allowed near by. No sir, take your mumbo-jumbo and shove it where the sun don’t shine!

And I don’t really want to be burnt on the funeral pyre. I think I want to be buried in the ground but without a casket. I certainly want a tombstone! ‘Buried Alive’ it will read! No, “Here Lies Roshan Menon – he gave so much and yet asked for so little!” or “Live Long & Prosper! Beam me up now!” or something fun like that. My body should be able to provide nutrients back to the earth that gave us so much when we are living. Or maybe I would want to be buried at sea. All live started in the oceans and we came from the waters; it would be fitting if we go back then once we die. Or….or….can I be launched into space to drift among the stars for all eternity? That would be so damn awesome!!

Anyways back on earth I’d want my funeral to be a fun event. Lots of good food, drinks and a party event. Music – my favourite songs by my favourite bands to be played all day until the last person has left. After all what is life – it’s only Rock n roll but I like it!

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