Work At Home : Cons

  • Sometimes your company or perhaps certain people at the company feel that since you have the office system at home you can work a few extra hours. What else will you do since you don’t go out much?
  • The irritating thing about getting calls while you are not in shift. When I am on a day off I don’t appreciate getting a phone call at 5 am
  • Power outages in India – if it happens during your work shift then it is a problem. Luckily for me it is rare these days and if it does happen it usually comes back in 1-2 hours. For major work it can take longer, 3-5 hours but it has only happened a couple of times in recent months. Since I now have an inverter, I have back up for 3.5 hours.
  • Broadband issues without which the work cannot happen. I have had some issues with Asianet recently going back all the way to March. Luckily their turn around time is pretty good.
  • No time away from mom & dad. I see them all the time! And that can drive me crazy.

2 thoughts on “Work At Home : Cons

  1. Yeah I have the blues from seeing them day in day out and having to argue with my mom all the time. I’m sorry but I cannot live my life the way she wants it to.

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