Work Desktop Now @ Office, Laptop Gets Her Table Back

So thus ends another era. I remember for many years I had wished to be able to work from home and experience that. Never thought I would get the opportunity unless I started my own business or did writing or something similar which I could work from in the comfort of my own home. Since I wasn’t into pure IT programming or Network administration etc. And then the Pandemic hit us and a whole lot of us started working from home with systems provided by the office.

I lost the desk space that I enjoyed at home as my small desk that I usually used for my laptop and speakers was not occupied by the large 21 inch monitor and CPU from work. That is the one thing that I do not mind about going back to work. I have now got my space back and I have moved my personal laptop from the little fold-able laptop table that I would prop up on my bed to it’s proper place. Whenever I wanted to use my laptop I would use it on the bed and when I wanted to sleep or lie on my bed, I would pick up the laptop table and laptop and move it to the floor.

Now I do not have to do that anymore. So I wiped the dust off my work desktop, unhooked everything and took the help of the neighbours kids to bring the monitor & cpu downstairs and into my waiting Uber. The keyboard and mouse I tucked into my laptop bag and I went to the office. I had to sign the devices in, have them verified, sanitize them and then have someone from the tech team set it up for me. That took almost an hour and I was back at work.

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