Workshop On Transactional Analysis

The entire working day I was in a workshop conducted by an external trainer, who’s company is hired by our firm to take sessions on Transactional Analysis. Transactional analysis, commonly known as TA to its adherents, is an integrative approach to the theory of psychology and psychotherapy.

As a theory of personality, TA describes how people are structured psychologically. It uses what is perhaps its best known model, the ego-state (Parent-Adult-Child) model to do this. This same model helps understand how people function and express themselves in their behaviors. For more understanding on TA, click here to read the Wikipedia article & here to read about Eric Berne, the psychiatrist who developed TA.

I enjoyed the session today, although it did become a bit dull in places, and have got some understandings on it. I look forward to implementing it in my daily work as head of the training team.

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  1. Was that the title? Eric Berne has a famous book called “Games People Play”. But the concept is the same of I’m ok, You’re Ok”.

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