Worst Houseguest

Write about the worst houseguest you’ve ever had.

Certainly we have had that but we never talked about it when the fucker was alive. My parents just accepted it and tolerated it. It was a relative of ours, the man who was married to one of my aunts.

And here is the thing, he was a lousy relative. He went to prostitutes, he drank at times like a fish and said the shittiest things about some other people. He was petty and he was a saddistic son of a bitch. But he was tolerated. At times he was fun so when we were kids we liked him. As I grew up, I realized what a bastard he was.

He stole – he fucking stole from us. He even stole a chain that was my young nephew’s and his wife had to get it back to my mom. What a loser! I am glad he is dead.

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