Yet Another 3 Day Weekend Coming Up

Happy, happy, joy, joy, happy, happy joy joy joy! ***That old Ren & Stimpy song***

That’s what I feel like when we get a three day weekend. This is the 3rd in 6 weeks and really it has gotten to the point where I think at the office (or any other work place that has Saturday and Sunday off) everyone would be saying “Can we have 3 day weekends all the time please?”

Sure a lot of you guys may like to party all the three days but I plan to be indoors and in my room for 2 of them while I take advantage of a Saturday in between to go out and do a little shopping and then get some pizza and oh I dunno, maybe a beer. But yes the possibilities seem to be interesting. However I don’t go too crazy with my days off and curling in bed with a few movies I can watch at my leisure sure sounds the best way to enjoy some time off when you get to be my age.

So yeah, some going out and a lot of relaxation. That’s what’s in store for me this 26th to 28th!

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