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Ok, not since the seeing the only true copy of Playboy have I ever drooled this much at an inanimate object! Er, yeah! Apple has come up with another state of the art innovation – The IPhone! It is a combination of a mobile phone, a multimedia player and wireless communication device, officially announced / launched by Apple CEO Steve Jobs on Jan 9th.It has a 3.5 in screen (320 x 480), 4Gb or 8GB internal memory, will support GMS, GPRS/EDGE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & you can also connect it to your computer. It weighs 135 grams. It runs on the OS X operating system and comes with Safari web browser. It has a 2 megapixel camera, widescreen IPod music, video and photo functionality, QWERTY screen keyboard, fingertop scrolling & a built-in rechargable (but non-removable) battery with up to 5 hours of whatever you are doing or 16 hours of listening to mp3s. If you live in the US you can get the phone only with Cingular wireless and that too on a two or three year contract with them – according to what I heard today – by June 2007. The 4GB will cost you $499 & the 8GB will come at $599. Europe will see the beauty towards the last three months of the year and for Asia it will only be seen by 2008! Till then, dream on!

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