Lurking in the Deep

The sea as always been enchanting mankind since the primitive cave men first chanced upon the waters. It feared & yet beckoned him. Men wanted to explore, curious beings that we are. What would let me float on it and go beyond this shore and onto the next and the next? That’s probably what ancient men thought. They first tried wading in the waters, getting their feet wet so to speak. Then they tried to see how they could stay afloat. And then swim. Once they learned how to swim they thought, this is not so bad. I love being in the water but I can only swim so far. I need to float for days to get to the next shore, so what can I use? The first rafts were born by tying planks of wood together with twine from the trees. Then man first set out , baby steps as far as we are concerned but it must have been a monumental and historic day when that first happened.

Once they got the rafts going they wanted to transport stuff from one short to another. People, belongings, food and animals. They needed bigger & bigger rafts. Finally canoes were created and then boats and ships. But that only satisfied the lust for exploring on land – with these boats & ships you can only go from one point to another across the seas & oceans – but what lies underneath! We fished, we caught them for our food and for sport. We loved what creatures we could find in the sea, her bountiful loot of delicious food for man. We also feared the bigger creatures like sharks & whales but we needed to get to go even deeper. The plant life and creatures that lived further down the surface of the seas were beautiful and plentiful. We are fascinated by the oceans and it’s abundant life. But what lies beneath at the very bottom? At the deep end.

The ocean god awaits us. Right now he/she is in a deep slumber and we haven’t awakened him up yet. Mankind is still inconsequential to it and therefore it has never threatened us. It has been asleep for many millennium and is yet to find anything to threaten it’s existence and be worthy of it’s wrath. But one day man will go poking beyond where he should poke. And he will awake the beast. And the beast will be angry and unleash it’s deadly weapons against us, huge creatures which are also in deep slumber at the moment. Once these giant sea creatures or monsters awaken, they will wreck ships on the oceans and then climb onto our lands. And they will destroy anything in their sight. They will topple skyscrapers and wreck cities in a few minutes. And they will crush us all and eat all living things. Nuclear weapons will not have much of an effect on them; it will be just like pin pricks to them. All will be destroyed and once that it done, the creatures will go back to the bottom of the seas & oceans and go back to their slumber for another few 10,000 years or so. Until the ocean god creature decides that it needs to venture out again.

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