New Beer : Kingfisher Ultra

Yesterday I went to have a beer during lunch and went to Veocity pub. I asked what beer they had and was hoping for a Carlsberg or try out the Budweiser if they had any. They didn’t have either but the waiter recommended a new beer that they started serving just a month ago. Considering that I haven’t had a beer or anything else for a month or so, that explains why I haven’t heard/seen it. So I said ok, bring me that.

Wasn’t much different from any of the usual stuff that we get. 5% macro bland stuff. It was also ruined a bit because it wasn’t cold enough. Drinking these beers unless it is ice cold is not that great. Nothing great to talk about it. It’s pretty bland but I’m sure that I would have enjoyed it better had it been nice & cold instead of being just slightly chilled.

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