An Atheist In A Convent

I went to see my friend today evening. She had moved into a women’s hostel attached to a convent in town. The reason being that at home she wasn’t getting any peace. Her mother holds a grudge against her for going against the wishes of her and her husband and eloping with that guy. Her mother tends to argue with her and that was taking a toll on my friend. Her brother as well was arguing with her and my friend told me that it was driving her wild. So her father thought that it would be best if she moved to a hostel in the city, where she would be taken care of by the nuns who run the convent.

Since it had been a few days, I spoke with my AM and I decided to go and see my friend. I left the office at 6 pm and took a bus to the convent. I found the place with little difficulty; it is kinda too interior but the convent is well known in that area. I walked into the grounds of the convent and knocked on the door, feeling much like an intruder. A nun answered and I requested to meet my friend. I was led into a waiting room and in a couple of minutes she came to see me with a big smile on her face.

She looked a lot better but was still frightfully thin. The bruises around her eyes were almost faded and I was happy about that. She wanted to know everything that was going on in the office, all the latest news and the office. She asked me, if some of the staff would remember her! I told her all that took place and we chatted for an hour. I told her that I missed her and that I would try to come see her again soon. I have suggested to my team that we go and watch a movie with her and I think she would enjoy that.

By 7:40 I had to take my leave and I walked my way back to the bus stop. It took me a while to get there in the dark. I reached home in 40 minutes, had a coffee and my dinner and I look forward to seeing my friend regain her life back.

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