Night Shift For The Week

Back to work on Monday but it is the dreaded Dracula shift. I hate this shift. It is the dreaded 9:30 pm to 6:30 am shift for this week. Ugh! I barely can get used to it. I hope it is only for a week though.

Today, or I should say tonight, I will go to the office for a day. I will need to set things up for a new set of 24 or 25 new hire folks who are joining the company. That is gonna take some doing and I guess I will have to go there to make sure things are all right. From Tuesday I can come back and work from home. Which is good.

So I will book an Uber by 8pm and head to the office. I will work till 6:30 am and have breakfast and then head out back for home and hopefully will be able to get enough sleep.