Morena – Reigning Sci-fi Queen

We saw her first as the gorgeous ‘Inara Serra’, a companion in the world of tv’s Firefly, a role she would also play out in the movie version – Serenity. She dressed glamourously, piloted a shuttle and won the hearts of many admirers.

We then saw her as ‘Adria’, a genetically advanced human, in 5 episodes of the 10th season of Stargate : SG1 and in the movie Stargate : The Ark of Truth.

And now we see her as ‘Anna’ in the much discussed remake of the 1980’s cult classic alien invasion series – V. Morena plays the role of the alien visitors High Commander who assures mankind that the Visitors have come in peace and want to trade their technology, including the cure for many diseases, for certain minerals that their society needs. Needless to say, their intentions are not what they seem and I’m waiting to watch the luscious Brazilian born babe in this role.

V’s pilot episode debuted on American & Canadian television on the 3rd of this month. Not sure as to when it’s going to star showing in India – I would bet on AXN getting the rights and not Star World – but I hope they do get it soon.

One thought on “Morena – Reigning Sci-fi Queen

  1. I enjoyed the first episode – they have a lot to live up to, given how much I love the original series, but I liked what they have done. They can’t do a remake that merely duplicates the original – they have to do it their own way, and I like the way that they have gone with it. The effects were great, and as you have pointed out, Morena Baccarin isn’t hard on the eyes either!
    I do hope that you get to see it soon.

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