What Do You Miss?

I miss my teenage years

I miss my innocence

I miss my favourite cartoons

I miss the fact that just hearing the theme music of my favourite shows brought the brightest of smiles on my face

I miss the sense of freedom and that happy-go-lucky attitude I used to have

I miss the fact that I was known as a rebel

I miss my childhood friends

I miss the fun I used to have

I miss the fact that I used to meet life head on, full throttle

I miss the feeling of being in love & being loved back by a girl

I miss being someone who everyone thought had a bright future

I miss being the sun, the moon & the stars in a woman’s sky

I miss the fact that I used to have a life

I miss the great times I had with my cousins during our vacations

I miss some of my favourite artists/bands making new music

I miss some of the best tv shows

I miss some of my colleagues

I miss a lot of my ill-spent years

I miss my best friend my dog Shawny

I miss the wife & kids I’ve never had

I miss the old Roshan

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3 thoughts on “What Do You Miss?

  1. I miss feeling that every day was full of possibility. And my grandmother’s apple pie. I just can’t make it like she did.

    The old Roshan is still there – don’t worry about that. A very moving list that I can really relate to.

  2. Aw, sweetie.

    The old you isn’t gone, it’s just inside you waiting to be found again.

    I miss being a student full time. This working for a living, not so great actually. LOL.

  3. @Tammy I miss being a student too. I forgot to mention that I miss the fact that I used to do well in school then by the age of 16 I let things slide and my education took a big toss for the worse. I wish I had done better, concentrated better and gone for a different major.

    About the only thing I don’t miss is my virginty Although it feels like it’s growing back again

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