This has got to be the weirdest week ever, as far as my work life is concerned! I mean, here I am thinking one thing or led to believe one thing and it turns out to be quite another thing all together! Well, I am not sure since I have to yet hear it from the horses’ mouth. And I really want to let him have his say.

One of my friends & colleague went off in the middle of the afternoon yesterday, saying that it was an emergency and that his aunt was lying in a very critical condition in a hospital in Bangalore. He was granted the leave and he rushed to the rented apartment to get his belongings and left on a plane. I was asked to cover for his work today and for the next three days of the following week. I was glad to help. I spoke to him last night and asked him how his aunt was and he replied that she was getting better. We then spoke about the pending work and I said good night.

It turns out that he was bluffing…or atleast it seems to be that he is. I was told by the batch of new recruits that he was training that he left for another reason and not because his aunt was ill. Turns out that he & a girl in the training batch had eloped to get married! And they had only met 18 days back, when he started the training! I was quite shocked to hear about this and doubted the truth in it almost the entire day. But they confirmed it to me, saying that they had spoken to my friend and the girl and that had informed them that their marriage was over and that my friend would take good care of the girl!

I have been unable to get my friend on the phone since then and no one else has had better luck. The rumour spread like wildfire and the entire office was talking about it it seems. Lots of people coming to ask me about it, since they thought that I would have all the details as he & I are very close…or so it seems! Anyway, I am just waiting for him to come back and have him sort out this mess. The kind of gossip spreading about is terrible to say the least.

Song for the day – “When The Night Comes Falling” – JEFF HEALEY

Benoit vs Punk for ECW Championship

This Sunday it will be Chris Benoit vs C M Punk, facing off against each other for the vacant ECW World Heavyweight Championship title. The title was left vacant after the recent draft, which saw Bobby Lashley, having to vacate his title belt on being drafted to WWE Raw. Although he had just won the title back from Mr.McMahon 8 days prior, Lashley had to forfeit his championship since a wrestler cannot carry the title when he moves from one roster to another. So, we have a veteran wrestler & former WWE Champion in Benoit (he won it on RAW) squaring off against a younger up & comer in Punk. Both wrestlers have the utmost respect for each other but each will want the title for himself.