Are You instant laons Good At Reading Maps?

Actually no I am terrible in reading maps. I’m very bad in sorting directions. I get confused very easily. I guess my internal compass is outta wack. Needs more alcohol!

Like I’ll be in a building that I am familiar with yet will point to the wrong directions for guiding people and it will take me a minute to get it right. If I were to get my directions in order I guess I will become better in reading maps. I just have a ready made confusion when it comes to my north, south, east & west. The same also affects me in directing a vehicle to a particular place. I make a lot of mistakes and get confused easily unless I use the same route many times before. My apartment building is the perfect example – with 4-6 routes to get to it and a bloody junction right in front of it – when I come in a car/auto from a route that I am not familiar with it takes me a while to tell them where the building is.

Whenever I go to a new place, like my new office which is in an area that I never visited till last week, I always look for landmarks that I can use easily. It takes me a couple of days but I do nail it eventually and am able to trust that I won’t get lost or end up staying in the bus a few stops down the road. So for the first few days of last week, I was looking to my left memorizing all the shops, buildings & landmarks so I know when & where to get down. And the next 3 to 4 days I memorized shops, buildings & landmarks on the right side of the road

A couple of days we were on Google Maps as short term loans for students uk I tried hard to find our building & area on it. It was a struggle and I had to give up. A few minutes later I tried again and was successful. Whew! That was tough!

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