One Photograph That Means A Lot To Me

“Look at this photograph, every time I do it’ makes me laugh
How did our eyes go so red, and what the hell is on Joey’s head”

“Photograph – I don’t want your, Photograph – I don’t need your
Photograph – All I’ve got is a photograph, But it’s not enough ”

Those are lyrics from two of my favourite songs about photographs and since the prompt for today in Plinky is about that one photograph that means a lot to me. I used to take a lot of photos of friends & family when I was younger but that slowly stopped quite a few years ago. Then a few odd photos here and there, mostly shot using mobile phone cameras and in 2010 I got into a lot more but it’s nothing professional or even close to it. I like some of my photos a lot and sometimes I think that they have come out well.

Out of all the photographs I have, digital or film, it’s not that hard to select that one that means the most to me. You can see it here on my page about Shawny my dog, who passed away in April, 2005. That is only one of two photos that I have of her and the other isn’t very good and it’s of her seen through the bars of her kennel (dog house). You can’t really see her in that pic that well. So this one is the only one that I really have of her. It’s a typical Shawny pose – it was taken back in 1998 just before I was heading for a day long trip with my friends & classmates in NIIT. I was pretty excited about the trip and had borrowed my sister’s camera for taking a few snaps for the day. The photo was taken early in the morning as I was waiting for the mini-bus to come and pick me up for the trip. I was standing outside and Shawny was in a playful mood, running and fetching her ball that I was throwing for her, and she “posed” for me as I took a photo of her. She was looking up at me with her mouth open just waiting for me to throw the ball and I quickly took the pic.

I miss her terribly even after almost 8 years and I think about her everyday. I will always miss her but she’s always in my thoughts. Not a day goes by without me thinking about her and dreaming of us, in a futuristic universe, flying in a spaceship with some robots and fighting off evil aliens. She was a really special dog and there’s none like her. So that’s the photo that means the most to me.

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